Local entrepreneur Robert Max Schanfarber has filed for the ballot in the April 8 special election after receiving the Republican nomination for the vacant St. Thomas—St. John seat in the territorial Legislature.

The Republican State Committee nominated Schanfarber earlier this week. He filed all the necessary candidacy paperwork with the Elections System before today’s filing deadline.

“My candidacy isn’t about party or ideology,” Schanfarber said. “It’s about cutting taxes, making pay checks better for all Virgin Islanders, and ensuring the territorial government’s promises to workers and retirees are kept.”

Schanfarber, who serves as secretary of the Republican Party of the United States Virgin Islands, pledged to never support a tax increase as a member of the Legislature.

“Virgin Islanders are taxed enough,” he said. “Just as working families and main street business owners have to tighten the belt when times are tough so should Government House and the Legislature.”

As a member of the Virgin Islands delegation to last year’s Republican National Convention Schanfarber gained national attention for his service on the Rules Committee after he successfully fought to ensure the voice of the five U.S. territories remained equal with the voice of the 50 states and District of Columbia in the selection of the GOP presidential and vice presidential nominees.